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Siding St. Charles IL

Siding St. Charles IL

Along with the roofing, the siding on your home is what protects it – along with you and your loved ones – against the harsh elements of nature. But what is a homeowner to do when something as important as their siding is no longer capable of doing its very essential job? Many homeowners aren’t certain about the installation date of the Siding St. Charles IL. That’s okay—it happens. Some folks simply don’t remember, while others purchase a pre-existing home and don’t know when the previous owners put the siding on. What’s more critical, though, is knowing how to identify signs that will tell you it’s time for siding repair or maybe siding replacement.

On this post, we’ll take a quick look at some common issues regarding vinyl siding – such as hail damage – and when you contact us for our services.

The Appeal and Quality of Vinyi Siding St. Charles IL

It’s tough to deny the appeal of new vinyl siding. After all, the old saying in the industry is that after you put it on your house, you won’t need to worry about painting again. Another advantage is that vinyl siding cuts down on the maintenance needed for your home’s exterior. In addition, vinyl siding is readily available in a variety of colors and pleasant textures that can replicate the look of wood.

Vinyl offers greater durability than other types of Siding St. Charles IL materials. Consequently, it has become a popular external covering in the Fox Valley region. The pigment that gives vinyl siding its color goes entirely throughout the material, which explains why you’ll never have to paint it. It’s also far more cost-effective in comparison to some other siding options.

Even Vinyl Has a Shelf Life
Understandably, one of the biggest reasons that homeowners like their vinyl siding is how long it lasts. However, unexpected things can and do happen.
For example, strong, sustained winds during a storm can get beneath vinyl siding and force it away from the building. Also, debris like hail and sticks can puncture holes into vinyl when they strike it hard enough.

Siding St. Charles IL

Contemporary vinyl siding is generally more resilient than it was in past years. However, it can still incur damage if equipment like lawnmowers or snow throwers send rocks flying toward it at high speed. Vinyl is indeed durable, yet it’s not invulnerable. Accordingly, it’s a good practice to clean and inspect your Siding St. Charles IL regularly.

Fall is a good time to take a close look at your vinyl while you prepare your home for the rigors of winter. A thorough inspection of your siding is an important part of regular maintenance, along with cleaning your gutters and chimney. Just as you’ll want to verify your furnace is ready for winter, it’s also a smart practice to do the same for your siding so you’ll have confidence knowing it can withstand the snow, ice and wind that is on the way.

When you are looking at your siding, you might notice some small dents, cracks or some minor hailstone damage. Our expert contractors can probably repair these issues. But if there are multiple cracks and they’ve been there a long time, more involved repairs may be necessary.

For example, rainwater might have seeped in the cracks and done damage to the materials underneath. You may be able to detect this kind of problem by checking the exterior of the siding. An experienced Siding St. Charles IL contractor, though, can inspect under the siding for signs of extra damage. Furthermore, they can inform you if the siding problems are repairable or if instead you should replace it entirely.

It’s helpful to know the installation date of your siding. For instance, if it’s over 15 years old, it’s probably the right time for replacement.


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