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The siding installers at Atlas General Contractors put a top priority on providing our residential and commercial customers with the best services and industry practices available.

Depend on our team to complete your siding job effectively and on schedule. Meeting customer expectations is always #1!

Our siding professionals use nothing but the best products, state-of-the-art technologies, and proven techniques for our siding projects. By choosing Atlas, you can rest easy knowing your siding needs are going to be met by an experienced contractor.

Need New Siding? Watch for These Signs

It is always a good practice to watch for signs of siding wear and damage that typically indicate you should schedule a siding replacement.

Take a look around your home’s exterior – does the siding appear bent and out of proper position in some areas? Warping usually indicates that the layer behind the siding is rotting – meaning it’s time for a quality upgrade.


Atlas provides homeowners in Illinois and Wisconsin with a variety of home building and remodeling services.


We are your complete solution for your next commercial or business application.


If you've recently faced a tornado, windstorm, flood, or hailstorm, rest assured, we're here to offer our support first and foremost!

Paint Bubbling, Wallpaper Peeling

If you see that your wallpaper is peeling away or showing stains and areas of fading and discoloration it could mean your siding is letting moisture in. (Also if you spot areas where paint is bubbling or stained.) Because water can lead to so many problems, it’s important to take action and schedule an estimate for siding replacement.

Dry Rot
Since it is usually concealed from view, a dry rot problem is something that the property owner may not detect right away.

You can inspect for dry rot by simply tapping around the lower section of your siding to check if it’s secure. If it isn’t, the time may be to replace it.

Mold & Mildew
If you spot the unwelcome appearance of mold or mildew growth on your siding, chances are you’ll need to replace it.

For an estimate on siding installation or repair for your location in St. Charles or other Kane County communities, call 630-724-7884.