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Roofing St. Charles IL

Roofing St. Charles IL

Are you debating whether you should replace the roof on your home or if repairs will be enough to get a few more years of reliable use from it? This is a common question that homeowners face sooner or later. And because the roof is obviously such an important component of your home, it’s a major issue to decide.

Plus, if your roof isn’t in very good shape, you may be dealing with hail damage, leaks, mold, unwanted pests and higher HVAC bills. Luckily, you’re in the right place for some helpful information. To be sure that you’re receiving proper suggestions for your specific roofing situation, we’ll also be happy to provide you with a complimentary roof inspection by our experienced crew. There is no obligation or cost to you. After the inspection, we’ll be able to correctly advise you if repair will suffice or not.

Naturally, if we detect minor or relatively moderate damages, a roof repair could be all you’ll need. This home improvement procedure can restore your roof system and may even extend its lifespan. It’s a project most all homeowners encounter at some point. However, even when the damages look like you could manage them on your own, it’s always better to choose a qualified and trained contractor like Atlas to ensure the Roofing St. Charles IL repairs are professionally done.

Instead of removing the entire roof to do a full replacement, Roofing St. Charles IL repair entails working on an isolated, relatively small area of your roof. According to the type and extent of damage you’re contending with, the repairs may involve patching up gaps or replacing missing and torn shingles. This will of course require a detailed inspection by a qualified contractor to spot and assess the problems first before performing repairs.

When inspecting your roof on your own, you can use binoculars to scan the roof for any problems from ground level. If you can spot any missing or bent shingles, holes or punctures, nail pops, or substantial loss of granules, then you have Roofing St, Charles IL issues that need professional solutions.

Roofing St. Charles I

If you want the assurance knowing that your roof receives a truly comprehensive evaluation, consider getting a no-obligation inspection from Atlas. We offer a full assessment, detailed report and free estimates. Another benefit to choosing us is that we also provide helpful guidance with the insurance claim process. Once your Atlas Roofing St. Charles IL inspector reports on the extent of the problems, you can generally expect the following:

-A streamlined insurance claim procedure. With Atlas, you’ll discover that our team works in coordination with – rather than against – your insurance company.

If you carry valid insurance that does provide coverage for roof damage, we’ll guide you during the entire inspection and claims process.

-A contract that details the work to be done. After the insurer gives the go-ahead to proceed, our team will provide a contract to you that details the work the project will entail, such as the scope, a timetable, basic contact information for us, and pricing.

-A permit. For this next step, we’ll acquire the building permit permits necessary to begin the Roofing St. Charles IL project. In some situations, permits also may include approvals from your HOA.

–Preparing the home. Prior to starting work, our team takes the necessary precautions to protect your residential property. Generally, this includes placing tarps over the ground for the dumping zone and to protect your landscape.

-The roof repairs. Once the site is ready and secure, we start repairing your roof!

-Thorough clean-up. Roofing St. Charles IL projects can get somewhat messy. So, after our work wraps up, we remove any remaining debris from your yard.


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