Storm Damage Repair St. Charles IL

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Storm Damage Repair St. Charles IL

Storm Damage Repair St. Charles IL

If there’s been a lot of storm activity in your local area lately, it’s important to take a look at your roof for indications of damage that can result from wind, lighting and rain such as:

-Missing or torn shingles. Strong winds can rip and even completely remove shingles from the surface of your roof, leaving the underlayment exposed and susceptible to water infiltration.

-Damage to the flashing. Powerful wind gusts can dislodge and bend the flashing around vents and chimneys, leading to possible leaking.

-Spilt, cracked shingles. Wind can also cause the shingles on your roof to crack, which diminishes their ability to provide a watertight barrier.

-Loosened granules falling off the shingles. Excess windspeeds can dislodge granules off asphalt shingles. This reduces their ability to protect the roof against the sun’s UV rays. Plus, the granules can wash down into the gutters and cause clogs.

-Gaps. Wind can tear gaps in between the shingles, allowing rain and debris to get in and cause problems.

-The roof deck buckles. In severe weather, winds may get strong enough to warp the deck and compromise the entire roof.

-The gutters are detached from the house or building. High winds may loosen or even completely tear gutters from the roof, preventing proper drainage. Other roof-mounted features like HVAC units or satellite dishes, also can shift in high winds and raise the risk of leaks.

-Debris. After a powerful storm, branches and leaves may collect on your roof, signaling a possible need for Storm Damage Repair St. Charles IL.

It’s essential to schedule a thorough roof inspection for your home or business after a major weather event for an assessment of any wind damage. Timely, professional Storm Damage Repair St. Charles IL can stop water leaks and further deterioration of the roofing materials.

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