Hail Damage St. Charles IL

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Hail Damage St. Charles IL

Hail Damage St. Charles IL

It’s beneficial for homeowners in the Midwest to learn how to detect signs of Hail Damage St. Charles IL on their roofs, whether they have standard asphalt shingles or a metal roof. It keeps your residence looking good when you are able to spot any roofing issues and address them quickly.

If you put off repairing Hail Damage St. Charles IL, the problems and resulting repair costs can soon escalate. Instead, call Atlas General Construction for an inspection and free estimate on professional repairs by our company that will restore your roof. Hail can without a doubt cause major problems with different parts of an asphalt roof. Remember that hailstones can strike all areas of your roof. Typically, metal roofs are able to withstand hail relatively better than their asphalt cousins.

Hail can still leave visible indentations on metal roofs. If the dents go too long without repair, the exposed metal may start to rust. If the seals breaks, it’s smart to act soon to prevent the risk of long-term problems. Slate roofs are strong yet not fully immune to big hailstones. Direct strikes can crack or even break slate tiles. This type of Hail Damage St. Charles IL calls for prompt repair by a professional contractor to stop moisture from getting in.

Rubber roofing is less common but also very durable. It is naturally pretty resistant to hail. Rubber roofs are able to bounce back quickly to their initial shape except when the hailstones are very large. It’s this durability that makes rubber a good option for those areas that get frequent storms.

Whichever type of roof you have on your home, it’s important to watch for any small cracks and flaws on the surface that could become bigger problems in the future.

Hail Damage St. Charles IL

Each type of roofing material can react differently to hailstone impacts. So, each type calls for specific approaches during inspection and subsequent repair. That’s why getting expert advice from our experienced roofing professionals when dealing with repair is so helpful.

As we tell all of our residential (and commercial) customers, paying close attention to these critical details can help prevent a lot of hassles later on! At first look, some of the dents on your shingle may seem fairly minor. Still, they can lead to more problems sooner than you may think. The damage can affect the protective finishing and leave metal underneath exposed.

Metal Roofs
Always try to make it a regular habit to inspect your metal roof for any indications of problems with the sealant or areas where the underlayers are exposed. It’s important to repair those soon to stop water from getting in and affecting the structure beneath. Another helpful tip that we’ve learned from our years in the industry is to listen closely when a hailstorm is occurring. Metal roofs tend to make a particular sound when struck by hail.

Any changes in those sounds can point you toward the areas that might have received the hardest impacts. This will lets you know the areas to check out once the storm is over.

During roof inspections, our technicians have found that hail can bend and even open sections of a metal roof. Damaged seams can really affect the roof’s ability to keep water out. Without a doubt, sticking to a consistent schedule with inspections by Hail Damage St. Charles IL experts is highly recommended.

Minor damages that may go undetected by a homeowner who isn’t trained in roofing can be spotted by the experts. This will make sure your roof remains in good condition.


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