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Roof Installation Geneva IL

Roof Installation Geneva IL

Unfortunately, roof materials cannot last indefinitely. A well-made roof that is installed by a seasoned roofing company, however, can last for many years without any significant problems. In Illinois, if your roof is becoming worn down, leaking or showing signs of rot, it is most likely time for you to contact us for repair or possibly new Roof Installation Geneva IL.

Roof leaks can soon lead to damage on your ceilings and walls while also increasing the chances of mold grow or even potential dangers involving your electrical wiring. Areas of roof rot can form in humid conditions. Generally you can notice this in the form of dark, discolored spots on your roof.

The Lifespan of Your Roof

There are different contributing factors impacting how long your roof will last. The first aspect to consider is its materials. These can range from metal, tile and asphalt to wood shake. Some homes have a flat roof. However, for the most part, asphalt roofs are usually the most popular. They are customizable, cost-effective and Roof Installation Geneva IL is generally a straightforward process. Those advantages make asphalt a fine choice for many homes.

When asphalt shingle roofs are kept in good shape, they can last up to 25 years. Of course, this also depends on the quality of the roofing material. Cheap asphalt shingles may not hold up in the long run and could cost you more by requiring a second roof replacement. One way to get a sense of the quality of your asphalt shingle roof in Northern Illinois is to take a look at the warranty. Warranties give you a sense of how long the manufacturer and installation company expect the materials to hold up, so the longer the warranty, the more trusted the material.

One other important consideration when it comes to determining the lifespan of your roof is the climate in which you live. Northern Illinois, especially the suburbs around Chicago, is known for its continental climate. That means we tend to experience all four seasons: hot summers, cold winters, and pleasant springs and autumns. We’re also known for strong winds, which can call for a complex roofing system in order to protect roofing shingles.

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Roof Installation Geneva IL by Atlas General Contractors – The Right Choice for Your Home

A roof replacement may be the smart choice this season. But if you’d rather not do a replacement because you may not be living in the house for the long term and plan to sell fairly soon, be sure to remain current on roofing maintenance. Remember that your roof is subject to daily sun and wind exposure all throughout the year. That translates to sunny, warm days in the summertime, winter storms, and powerful winds.

Some roofing maintenance homeowners are usually able to do on their own is to simply keep their gutters clear of debris. Gutters are made to funnel rain off your roof and direct it away from your foundational ground soil. If leaves and branches (or bird nests and uninvited critters) clutter them up and form obstructions, is more likely to collect on your roof and lead to damage and potential rot.

To stay on top of maintenance schedule an inspection every year with our Roof Installation Geneva IL experts. Also, do self-checks periodically. From ground level, you might be able to see discolored areas, missing or curled shingles. These issues are a sign you’ll need roof repair soon. If, however, you find the need to schedule repairs several times over the course of the year, talk to Atlas General Contractors about new Roof Installation Geneva IL



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