Roof Repair Geneva IL

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Roof Repair Geneva IL

Roof Repair Geneva IL

Knowing the causes of residential roof damage is helpful for effective prevention and maintenance. Call Atlas General Contractors if your roof has sustained damages from any of the following:

-Weather events. Exposure to various weather conditions such as strong wind, snow, rain, and hail can cause roofing materials to steadily degrade.

-Aging. As roof materials get older, they become more prone to damage, increasing the risk of leaks and other structural problems.

-Faulty installation. Improper techniques or the use of sub-par materials can weaken your roof’s ability to withstand the elements.

-Lack of preventative maintenance. Overlooking routine inspections and Roof Repair Geneva IL can permit minor issues to worsen.

-Moisture damage. Accumulation of water due to poor drainage, ponding and clogged gutters can penetrate through roofing materials and result in leaks and rot.

-Nearby trees. Overhanging branches knocked loose by storms can do significant damage to your roof.

-Wildlife. Birds and critters like squirrels and raccoons can create gaps in the roof materials and do damage as they seek shelter for nesting.

-Insufficient ventilation. Lack of airflow in your attic can result in moisture buildup that weakens the roof and promotes mold growth.

-UV rays. Daily sun exposure can degrade your roofing materials and lead to warping, cracks and discoloration.

-Freeze/thaw cycles. Frequent changes in temperature can cause shingles to contract and expand, often resulting in cracks and splits.

-Ice dams. During the colder months, freezing and thawing can cause ice dams to form on the edges of your roof that impede proper drainage.

-Poor insultation in the attic. Not enough air circulation can cause warm air to escape out the roof, driving up your energy bills and leading to ice dams.

-Heavy snowfall. Excessive accumulation of snow can place a great deal of weight on your roof, possibly damaging the structure or even leading to collapse.

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