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Roofing Company Geneva IL

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Roofing Company Geneva IL

Roofing Company Geneva IL

As a Roofing Company Geneva IL, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from both residential and commercial customers is how they can determine if they need to replace their existing roof or if repairs will suffice. For a quick reference on this issue, a few factors to consider are:

-Replace the roof if it does not keep out the rain, hail and wind, looks unsightly on account of age or if it has sustained significant storm damage.
-Repairs may be enough if your roof is less than 15 years old and the problems areas are limited to a few shingles and sections. (Roofs that are older than around 15 years should usually be replaced when there are multiple problems.)

Repairs are typically affordable, yet more short-term solutions. Replacement costs, on the other hand, are going to be higher. The significant advantage, however, is that going with this option also means your new roof won’t like need major service for many years to come.

Here are some of the factors our experienced roof inspectors will look for when determining repair versus replacement:

Generally, we will suggest repair if the problems are the result of storm damage, falling tree branches or faulty workmanship. These are issues not due to age that steadily degrades roof materials and indicates that replacement is the better choice. Widespread damage resulting from a weather event such as losing multiple shingles in strong winds or a prolonged hailstorm might make replacement the more feasible option for you.

When the problematic areas are not too many and the remainder of the roof is in reliable good condition, repairs are the often what we would advise. (The time for replacement will come eventually anyway.)

When your roof is leaking or shows clear signs of damages and deterioration, you’ll want to act soon and give Atlas General Contractors a call. Get repairs by our seasoned Roofing Company Geneva IL experts done before rainwater damage will compromise your roof. If a heavy rainstorm falls upon a damaged, leaking roof, the moisture will likely get down into the roof deck. From there can spread outwards and cause rot, mold and other problems.

Roofing Company Geneva IL

If the unaffected areas of the roof still look good, (shingles are retaining their granules, not cupping or curling at the edges or cracking), then the problem spots can be repaired, and you’ll be able to get more life out of your roof. Another aspect to consider when it comes to contacting a Roofing Company Geneva IL for services relates to your insurance coverage. If the damages to your roof are covered by your insurance, it may be up to the insurance company whether to fix or replace your roof.

In many situations, insurers will offer to provide a settlement that will cover the costs of roof repair, but not replacement of the whole roof, particularly when the damages are relatively limited. This can provide the homeowner with the option of proceeding with repairs by our Roofing Company Geneva IL or perhaps putting the funds toward a roof replacement.

For roofs that have two layers, doing the repairs can become more complex and extensive because all layers within the damaged sections will most likely require removal. Plus, the repairs may be more visible when the roofing materials are multiple layers, and the repairs are a single layer. Damage to a roof with two layers of shingles are often a candidate for full replacement, specifically if the damages is affecting more than approximately bout 25 percent of the roof. Prompt action is essential when dealing with any damage to your roof. For a reliable Roofing Company Geneva IL call 630-784-7884!


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