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Roofing Company Geneva IL

Roofing Company Geneva IL

Sometimes the roof on a home can naturally get to the end stages of its useful service life without showing obvious signs of deterioration and failure. The roof will simply start to look worn and old. However, if replacement of an aging roof is postponed for too long, it could lead to larger problems later on. So, be watchful for the following warning signs so you’ll have enough time to contact experienced Roofing Company Geneva IL like the team at Atlas General Contractors.

Our trained and very knowledgeable contractor team can give you a thorough assessment of your roof’s condition and recommend your most cost-efficient options, whether it’s roof repair or replacement.

-The edges of the shingles are curling upwards or the shingle tabs are cupping.

-Bare areas where there are missing granules.

-Shingles are cracked.

-The installation of your roof was more than 20 years ago. Although many shingles are made for durability, some factors can speed the aging process. If your roof isn’t ventilated properly, for instance, it can negatively affect the shingles.

-The roof looks worn. Aesthetics are important too, so if you’re simply not happy with the look of your roof, contact our Roofing Company Geneva IL to schedule an estimate for a replacement.

-Other homes in your neighborhood are replacing their roofs. Other homes that were built at approximately the same time as yours have been experiencing the same weather elements. If you see other nearby homes getting a new roof it could mean that yours, too, is at the end of its life.

-Dark stains. Airborne forms of algae can leave markings on roof decks. Although it may not harm the shingles, it doesn’t look good.

-Areas of moss growth. Moss often tends to grow on surfaces that don’t receive a lot of sunlight, particularly in moist, cool climates. Moss growth might be more than a surface issue. It retains moisture on the roof and over time in cold climates that can cause problems for the granules on the shingles.

Roofing Company Geneva IL

Are you planning to fix or replace an older roof? Perhaps you’ve seen signs of disrepair on your roof and they appear to be progressing. Or a major storm moved through your neighborhood recently and caused damage to multiple rooftops. In many situations, there are noticeable clues that you’re in need of a new roof. However, sometimes damage can be less apparent right away. If you think your roof has sustained damaged it’s essential to act soon and call dependable Roofing Company Geneva IL.

-Visible leaking. For starters, this is among the most commonly reported signs that roof replacement is due. Unfortunately, a roof leak can happen for several reasons that range from worn-down materials to thunderstorm damage. As roof materials decline, water can start to seep through the shingles and then into the rest of the home. This results in moisture intrusion and visible areas of standing puddles during storms.

If you are experiencing a persistently leaking roof or there are several leaks occurring throughout your roof, don’t delay any longer to contact Roofing Company Geneva IL. The most effective, direct way to determine the extent of the water damage is through a professional inspection by a roofing repair and installation company.

-Interior moisture damage. A visible dripping is not the only sign of a leaking roof. For instance, often a leaking roof will reveal itself in the form of inside water damage. That frequently looks like stains and streaks in the attic, on the ceiling or even on interior walls. Water damages can be due to issues such as a burst pipe, faucet leak or a leaking appliance. But when it shows up in your attic or ceilings it is probably from a leaky roof.

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