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Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL

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Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL

Need Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL Repair or Replacement?

Is the roof over your Illinois business showing its age? As a business owner, you’ll want your commercial building to look and function at its best for your customers and your personnel. A roof that leaks, has missing shingles, needs repair or just looks aged and worn down is not the presentation you want for potential customers. Plus, a faulty roof can pose a risk to the equipment and – most importantly – the people in your building.

We understand that you have to continuously watch your bottom line, and replacing a roof can be a pretty big undertaking. On this post, we’ll take a quick look at the factors generally involved in the costs of Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL replacement. If you do a quick online search for commercial roofing replacement costs, you will probably get results showing a broad range of numbers. This because there are lots of factors that contractors must consider before providing a quote on the costs per square foot.

When you receive an estimate from Atlas General Contractors for any type of Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL project, it will be transparent – no hidden costs – and our estimator will review it with and be happy to answer your questions. Atlas does new construction jobs in addition to roof repair, replacement and emergency roof repair services.

Your Source for Quality Commercial Roofing Solutions

Atlas General Contractors offers a wide selection of commercial roof systems, such as single-ply, modified bitumen, metal roofs, built-up systems, liquid applied roofs and green roofs. As you can see, just asking Google to find the cost of replacing your commercial building’s roof is more complex than you might think at first because there are many options to consider.

Size and shape of the roof
The roof’s size, of course, is also a big factor in determining the price estimate you will receive from our team. But it definitely isn’t the only factor. Atlas General Contractors completes roofing projects of all sizes and dimensions. We have been happy to serve many happy commercial roofing customers in DuPage and Kane counties for many years!

Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL

Location of the commercial building

The cost of roof replacement will usually increase in the event your building is in an area where accessibility is difficult. The cost may also be affected if specialty permits are necessary.

The complexities of the Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL job

There are some commercial roof replacement projects that can be more expensive in comparison to others if parts of the structure protrude out from the roof’s surface area. The more structures that will need our technicians to cut around and seal them may increase the cost of roof replacement. Sometimes roof repair and replacement teams will encounter challenging situations in which the original roofing wasn’t installed with an appropriate drainage system. Resolving these issues can lead to a higher cost.

When should a business owner replace their Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL?

The answer to this common inquiry can be a complicated one. There are quite a few factors that a contractor takes into account when calculating the cost of commercial roof replacement costs. In some situations, t is less expensive to do repairs even if your roof is more than 20 years old. Then again, in other situations a roof that is only ten years old might need replacement.

The good news is that Atlas General Contractors is an industry leader for professional Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL solutions. Call our main offices today to schedule an estimate with one of our knowledgeable commercial roof team.


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