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Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL

Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL

Gutter problems are a leading cause of water damage, foundation issues and other repairs that can become costly if not resolved. Because they are such a critical part of your building’s drainage system and Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL, it’s definitely in your interest to keep your gutters in good condition.

Some of the more common gutter problems commercial property owners encounter include:

-Clogs. Accumulation of debris like dirt, leaves and twigs will prevent proper drainage of rainwater. Also, granules from older shingles can also collect in gutters and obstruct drainage, leading to possible overflow and water damage.

-Corrosion and rust. Over time, rust can start to form on metallic gutters, weakening the integrity of the drainage system and causing leaks.

-Misalignment. Gutters that get knocked out of correct alignment by falling branches or wind can permit water to seep in behind them and damage the soffit, fascia, and the Commercial Roofing West Chicago IL itself.

-Faulty downspouts. When the downspouts on your gutter system are out of position, rainwater might not drain effectively away from your building.

-Vegetation growth. Plants and vegetation growing inside the gutters can exacerbate clogging issues and damage the gutter materials.

Ice dams. During the winter when temperatures sink below freezing, ice dams can develop along gutters and stop water from draining off the roof.

-Heavy amounts of rainfall. When storms occur, gutters can in some cases struggle to effectively drain large volumes of water, raising the risk of overflow and water infiltration.

-Materials wear out. Over time, downspouts and gutters may deteriorate from weather exposure that leads to leaks and loss of functionality.

Regular inspections, gutter cleaning, and maintenance will help prevent gutter drainage problems. By addressing issues in a timely manner, fixing problems and ensuring correct installation, you’ll maintain a gutter system that protects your home and foundation from water-related damages.

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