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Roofing Company West Chicago IL

Roofing Company West Chicago IL

Are you noticing signs of moss or algae growth on your roof? This is a sure sign of water retention that can cause the shingles to deteriorate and, consequently, compromise their ability to shield the roof’s underlying structure. If left without repair or replacement for too long, it can accelerate additional decay.

Contact a Roofing Company West Chicago IL right away for an inspection if you this or other warning signs such as:

-A sudden spike in your energy bills. A roof that is inefficient can cause energy consumption – and costs – to escalate fast. A roof in poor condition can’t provide sufficient insulation, which leads to temperature swings and greater costs for heating and cooling.

-Visible light in the attic. If you see daylight streaming through gaps in your roof, it indicates deterioration. Sunshine coming in also means that water can get in.

-Shingle granules collecting in the gutters. Look in your gutters to check if granules are accumulating in them. If so, it suggests the shingles are at the end of their useful service life and require replacement.

-Roof boards warped or rotting. This is another sign of moisture problems that might be due to leaks or poor ventilation.

-Growth of mold and mildew. This can result from insufficient ventilation, water leaking in or insulation issues, and calls for prompt attention to stop more damage.

-Increase in noise during rainstorms. If you notice an increase in volume from wind and rain during a storm, it suggests your roof is not effectively shielding your home. It may be due to aging shingles and other underlying problems that need roof repair.

-Roof valleys in faulty condition. If you see areas of deterioration, cracked or missing shingles, or simply excessive wear, it’s a clear indication that your roof needs an assessment by our Roofing Company West Chicago IL team.


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