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Roofing Company South Elgin IL

Roofing Company South Elgin IL

How much do you really know about the roof over your head? Here are a few fast facts about that essential part of any structure that keeps us dry and protected from hailstorms and other forms of weather:

-Some roofing materials that have been in use around the world for thousands of years are clay and thatch. Thatch. which can consist of grass, leaves and other natural materials, was probably used thousands of years ago in a number of regions. Clay tiles, too, can be traced back to around 10,000 years ago!

Thatched roofs work well because the materials used are naturally waterproof and are bundled up so tightly that they basically repel the rainwater, sleet, hail or snow.

-Cedar shingles are a common roofing type for houses and buildings in the Pacific Northwest.

-While the concept of natural building materials still holds a sentimental appeal, some insurance carriers charge more for covering a home with a wood-shake roof due to the potential risk of fire, while some may not provide coverage for that type of roof at all.

-Metal roofing materials tend to be lighter than wood roofing shingles. If your roof is missing shingles call a Roofing Company South Elgin IL for an inspection.

-Despite the fact that asphalt shingles are a relatively recent product to the market – having been introduced around 1900 – they are generally the most widely used roofing product nationally.

-Water has a tendency to travel before it starts to drip down noticeably. Strangely enough, a water leak can come out some distance away from the original leak on a roof.

-The most common spots vulnerable to leaking on your roof are areas that require safeguards.

Act today if your roof shows signs of disrepair or damage from a storm. Call a reliable Roofing Company South Elgin IL can depend on for excellent services at competitive prices!


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