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Roofing Company North Aurora IL

Roofing Company North Aurora IL

Homeowners in the Fox Valley can often face particular challenges when it comes to problems with their roof due to the weather conditions of the area and other factors including:

-Snow and rainstorms. The Midwest experiences a broad range of various weather conditions such as harsh, cold winters with a lot of snowfall and low temperatures. Plus, the summer season can bring plenty of heat and humidity.

These fluctuating weather patterns can certainly take a toll on your roof and lead to problems like ice dams and thermal contractions and expansion.

The combination of heavy snow and temperature changes can result in the formation of ice dams that block sufficient water drainage. This can lead to water backup and potential leaking that can damage the structure and require repair by a Roofing Company North Aurora IL.

-Hailstorms. The Fox Valley region is prone to heavy thunderstorms as well as hailstorms, particularly during the springtime and summer seasons. It’s not a surprise that hail can do a lot of damage to a roof, resulting in broken shingles, punctures and granule loss. These all serve to weaken the roof and its ability to protect your home.

-Strong winds. Not uncommon in Illinois, high speed winds during a weather event can tear away shingles and leave the roof vulnerable to water infiltration and more problems.

-Aging roof. Many homeowners in the area have an older home with a roof nearing the final stage of its lifespan. When roofs age and deteriorate, they become more susceptible to damage and need more repairs or replacement.

-Lack of consistent maintenance. A failure to schedule regular maintenance for your roof can contribute to a range of problems. Without a doubt, a neglected roof is far more susceptible to problems like algae growth, missing shingles and other issues that diminish its effectiveness.

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