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Roof Repair Bartlett IL

Roof Repair Bartlett IL

A hailstorm can cause a lot of problems for a roof, especially one that is several years old or if it has not received regular maintenance. Call Atlas General Contractors if there’s been a hail storm in your area recently and you suspect it caused some damage to your roof.

Our inspectors will check for signs you need Roof Repair Bartlett IL such as:

-The gutters are bent or pulling away from the house. Hail stones can dent or damage gutters and, as a consequence, leave them unable to properly divert rainwater away from your home and its foundation.

-Impact markings on skylights. If your roof has a skylight, it may show impact marks or even cracks from the hailstones, which requires an inspection and possible replacement.

-Fallen tree branches. If there are trees near your house, the strong winds of a storm can send branches falling onto your rooftop.

-Pockmarks upon metal components like flashing and vents. This indicates hail strikes have affected the structure and may need replacement.

-An increase in indoor temperature swings. Hail can a roof’s insulative properties and result in inconsistent temperatures inside the home.

-Dents on the air conditioning units or the vents on the roof. Hailstones can leave deep indentations on these important rooftop components.

-Cracked or broken skylights. A major hailstorm can do serious damage to a skylight, posing the risk of water leaks that require immediate attention.

If you notice any of these signs after a hailstorm or thunderstorm, it is advisable to get a roof inspection by a professional contractor to determine the extent of the damages. Our team can provide you with a quote on necessary Roof Repair Bartlett IL or complete roof replacement.

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