Roof Installation South Elgin IL

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Roof Installation South Elgin IL

Roof Installation South Elgin IL

If you observe any of the following warning signs we list on this post, consult with the Roof Installation South Elgin IL experts at Atlas General Contractors to assess your roof’s condition. Our inspectors can determine if replacing the roof is necessary for the safety and overall integrity of your home.

Tiles broken or showing cracks. Once there are multiple tiles in poor condition, it means your roof is not at peak performance and doing an adequate job of protecting your household against the rain and weather.

-Granules crumbling off the shingles and collecting in your gutters. This is another sign of deteriorating materials and the need for professional installation of a new roof.

-Areas of decay on the roof deck. Rotting and degrading deck materials like plywood will typically need replacement to restore a sturdy foundation for the replacement.

-Several layers already. If there are two or three layers of roof materials on your home, it might be the right time for a replacement to avoid excess weight and eliminate the risk of structural damage.

-Noticeable pest infestation. Rodents or insects entering through a faulty roof are a clear sign it’s time to replace it.

-Frequent repairs. If your roof consistently needs repairs, the more practical and less costly option over the long run new Roof Installation South Elgin IL.

-Other roof replacements occurring in your neighborhood. If you’ve noticed that some of the other residences in your area are installing new roofs either due to age or damage from recent storms, it might be a sure sign that your house, too, is ready for a new roof to improve appearance and functionality.

When you’re ready for an estimate on a new roof installation from a dependable local company, call Atlas General Contractors at 630-724-7884.


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