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Residential Roofing Winfield IL

Residential Roofing Winfield IL

Are the shingles on your Residential Roofing Winfield IL curling at the edges, torn, showing surface cracks or even completely missing in some areas? These are common problems that expose the underlayment of a roof to the elements and inevitably allow rainwater to seep through.

If you notice that your roof leaks – even if it appears to be minor – call Atlas General Contractors ASAP. Any roof leak is a problem that should be addressed right away because they indicate that deterioration is occurring.

Other signs you need roof repair or perhaps even roof replacement include:

-Problems with flashing. The flashing is the materials installed near roof features like a skylight or vent. If it sustains damage or was not installed correctly it can cause leaks.

-Gutter clogs. When leaves, twigs or pests clog up your gutters, rainwater will back up potentially cause leaks or problems with your foundation.

-Ice damming. In colder weather, ice dams can develop at the edge of your roof. It prevents proper drainage and causes water to back up and pool under the shingles.

-Cracks on roof vents. Damaged or deteriorating vents around plumbing components can permit water to get into the roof.

Condensation. An attic with inadequate ventilation can cause moisture to build up and raise the risk of leaks.

Damage from storms. Severe weather like hail, powerful winds, and rainfall are obvious enemies of your roof that can lead to leaks over the years. These issues show how important it is to get regular inspections of your roof that will allow our roof repair team to identify and resolve problems early to minimize the risk of water damage.

If you do notice leaks, it’s essential to call Atlas General Contractors promptly at 630-724-7784 for repairs to your Residential Roofing Winfield IL that last!


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