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Commercial Roofing Geneva IL

Commercial Roofing Geneva IL

Similar to their residential counterparts, Commercial Roofing Geneva IL can also experience leaks for a range of reasons. Resolving the problem as soon as possible is critical to prevent water damage to the interior of the building and its contents. Some of the causes of commercial roof leaks are:

-Age and deteriorating materials. Over time, a commercial roof can degrade due to 24/7 exposure to weather, leading to splits, cracks, and general weakening of materials.

-Mistakes during installation. In the event that your Commercial Roofing Geneva IL was not installed properly, it can result in poor sealing and insufficient flashing that enables leaks.

-Ponding. Bad design and blocked roof drains are a common cause of water ponding on rooftop surfaces. Before long, stagnant water will steadily degrade the roof materials and leaking will soon occur.

-HVAC units. Incorrectly sealed HVAC units, pipes, vents and other comfort system components can create areas of vulnerability to water infiltration.

-Deterioration of sealant and flashing. Over time, these important features that protect the roof edges and penetrations can decline and lead to potential leaking.

-Contraction and expansion. Extreme fluctuations in temperatures can cause the materials of a commercial roof to shift and potentially create gaps.

-Lack of maintenance. Without inspections and upkeep, minor problems can steadily escalate into significant ones that result in leaks.

-Wind. Strong winds during a weather event can lift up and dislodge shingles that leave gaps where water can enter.

To prevent the roof over your commercial building from leaking, it’s essential to schedule regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs when necessary.

The team at Atlas are professional contractors with experience in commercial roofing systems – you can rely on us for proper repairs and installation that will keep your commercial location safe from water damage.


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