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Roof Replacement St. Charles IL

Roof Replacement St. Charles IL

Are you getting concerned about the condition of your roof? If it’s more than 20 years old and starting to show indications of wear, give Atlas General Contractors a call for a roof inspection. We can provide you with a free estimate on a Roof Replacement St. Charles IL that will upgrade your home significantly.

Some of the causes of roof damage include:

-Impact of debris. Hail storms or large tree branches knocked loose by strong wind and lightning, for instance, are a common cause of roof damage.

-Contraction and expansion. Changes in temperature can cause roofing materials to shift, which leads to stress on components and possible damage.

-Roof traffic as part of repairs or installation. Improper management of roofing materials or tools during installation can do damage to the shingles.

-Corrosion. This can occur to metal roofs over time from exposure to water and other elements.

-Flaws in the roof design. Roof designs that permit water to accumulate or have insufficient drainage can result in water damage and early failure.

-Vibrations from construction projects in the area. Nearby work using heavy equipment can cause vibrations that weaken your roof’s integrity.

-Debris. Bricks, tools or other objects falling from nearby structures can cause significant problems for a roof.

-Exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause roof materials – such asphalt shingles – to steadily break down as they become brittle and prone to damage.

-Faulty flashing installation. Compromised flashing around vents, skylights or chimneys can lead to leaks and necessitate Roof Replacement St. Charles IL.

Gaining awareness of these typical causes of damage can help you as a homeowner take proactive steps to protect your home and roof, prolong its lifespan, and stay safe against the elements. Regular inspections, repairs when necessary and proper upkeep are essential for preserving your roof.


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