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Roof Repair North Aurora IL

Roof Repair North Aurora IL

Identifying signs of hail damage on your residential roof is critical for prompt Roof Repair North Aurora IL and for streamlining insurance claims. If there’s been a hailstorm in your community lately and you suspect it damaged your roof, call Atlas General Contractors today to schedule an appointment.

Some of the signs our seasoned inspectors will check for include:

-Dents or “bruising” on the shingles. The impact of hail stones can cause significant dents on wooden or asphalt shingles. This can diminish their ability to protect the roof structure from water.

-Missing granules. A hailstorm can force the protective granules on your shingles out of position, leading to exposed areas.

-Split or cracked shingles. A powerful hailstorm can leave shingles with cracks or even split them into pieces, compromising their strength and allowing rainwater infiltration.

-Circular markings. Hail damage will frequently appear in the form of circular or patterns on the shingles, identifiable by their telltale concentric marks.

-Soft areas. Pressing down on shingles may discover spongy areas in which the underlying roof structure has been degraded by hail strikes. Hail can in some cases remove the top layering of shingles and leave roof deck beneath them exposed.

-Granules collecting in gutters and downspouts. Following a hailstorm, seeing an accumulation of shingle granules in your gutter system suggests that the roof is damaged.

-Roof tiles that are broken and cracked. For roofs with concrete or clay tiles, the impact of hail stones can result in noticeable breakages and indentations on the surface.

-Dents and dings on metal flashing. In a powerful storm, hail can leave dents and distort the metal flashing around vents, chimneys and roof edges.

-Stains from water leaking. Hail damage might cause moisture to penetrate your roof, resulting in leaks that leave multiple stains on walls or ceilings.

-Damaged fascia or soffit: Hailstones hitting the fascia or soffit can cause dents, cracks, or chipped paint.

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