Roof Installation North Aurora IL

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Roof Installation North Aurora IL – Atlas General Contractors – Call 630-724-7884

Roof Installation North Aurora IL

Roof Installation North Aurora IL

If you are concerned about the condition of the roof on your commercial building in North Aurora, call Atlas General Contractors today. Our knowledgeable Roof Installation North Aurora IL team can provide you with a review of your current roof and recommend the most cost-effective way to restore it to optimal condition.

Some of the leading signs that a commercial roof needs repairs or replacement are:

-Deterioration of the roof membrane. For a flat roof, a cracked or otherwise damaged membrane may no longer offer effective protection against the elements and probably warrants replacement.

-Signs of a pest problem. Pests such as inspects and rodents entering through the gaps in your roof indicate the materials are faulty. Consider installing a new roof to preserve a pest-free business environment.

-Roof deck shows deterioration. Rot or water damage on a roof deck usually means that replacement is due to restore a durable foundation.

-Compliance with the standards in your industry. If the existing roof on your business is no longer fulfilling safety requirements, installation of a new roof will restore compliance and prevent potential legal exposure or insurance complications.

-Your business is rebranding or expanding. When a business chooses to expand its operations or implement a rebranding, upgrading with a new roof enhances its overall presentation.

-Unfavorable impression among customers. An aging building that shows visible deterioration can leave a bad impression with potential customers. To show customers your business is well-maintained consider a new Roof Installation North Aurora IL that looks good and presents a positive image.

-Insurance. Some policies may contain particular requirements on the condition of the building’s roof. In the event your current roof no longer satisfies those requirements, it may be time for a new roof.

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