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Residential Roofing Bartlett IL

Residential Roofing Bartlett IL

A combination of exposure to the weather and natural wear can cause the shingles on Residential Roofing Bartlett IL to steadily degrade. Some of the typical causes of shingle deterioration are:

-Exposure to UV rays. The daily punishment the sun dishes out to your roof can cause asphalt shingles to lose their protective qualities. This leads to cracks, buckling and brittleness.

-Temperature changes. Recurring cycles of heating and freezing due to swings in temperature makes shingles to contract and expand, leading to cracks on the surface that weakens roofing materials.

-Moisture damage. It’s no surprise that water is one of the culprits in roof shingle deterioration. It seeps into shingles, freezes during the winter and expands when the weather turns warm. Even the best quality shingles can start to crack over time due to this cycle.

-Rainstorms, hail and strong winds. Severe weather can definitely do physical damage to the shingles on your roof that causes granule loss, dents and cracks, making them more vulnerable to deterioration. Winds, also, can lift shingles out of their proper position and expose the roof to possible leaks.

-Growth and algae and mold. Humidity and moisture provide an environment where mold can thrive, which leads to discoloration and accelerates deterioration.

-Lack of good ventilation. Adequate roof ventilation is critical to avoid trapping moisture so shingles do not prematurely age.

-Debris. Overhanging trees can drop branches, leaves and other debris onto your roof. Over time this retains moisture and creates conditions that lead to shingle decay.

Regular inspections and maintenance and scheduling Residential Roofing Bartlett IL repairs promptly can help mitigate the factors listed on this post and help you get the best performance and prolong the lifespan of your residential roof.

However, shingles will still deteriorate, and eventually, it becomes necessary to consider replacement.


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